By May Wong Ek Su, SIECRC

Dr Joy Chan, Medical Director and Senior Consultant Ophthalmologist at International Eye Cataract Retina Centre, gave a talk titled “Cataract and Glaucoma – What You Should Know” to the residents of Spottiswoode Park on 8 July 2017.

Dr Chan was invited by the Residents’ Committee of Spottiswoode Park to share with residents useful information about eye health. The topics chosen, cataract and glaucoma, are common sight-threatening conditions that affect the elderly. They are a growing concern for the ageing population in Singapore. The talk was conducted in English and was held at the Residents’ Committee headquarter.

Dr Chan covered the diagnosis and treatment of cataract, options for presbyopia (also known as “lao hua” in Chinese) correction and how cataract patients can be spectacle-free after surgery. She also discussed the latest technological advances in cataract surgery including computer-aided cataract surgery.

In the second half of the lecture, Dr Chan explained about glaucoma, its various forms and the variety of treatment options for different types of glaucoma.

Tips on eye health were also shared. After an engaging lecture, the floor was opened for questions and residents took the opportunity to ask Dr Chan questions not just about the topics covered, but on other aspects of eye health as well.

Members of the public who are keen to attend the next free public forum at Farrer Park Hospital can register online here.