By Leanne Lee, Optometrist, International Eye Cataract Retina Centre, Singapore

Dr Au Eong Kah Guan, Medical Director and Senior Consultant Ophthalmologist at International Eye Cataract Retina Centre in Farrer Park Medical Centre and Singapore International Eye Cataract Retina Centre in Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre, conducted a small group tutorial for practising primary eye care professionals on 19 December 2017. The tutorial was part of a series of Continuing Professional Education activities for optometrists and opticians organised by International Eye Cataract Retina Centre and was held in the centre.

Dr Au Eong covered two topics during the small group tutorial: (1) Useful Ophthalmic Tests and Investigations in Primary Eye Care Practice and (2) Common Retinal Conditions.

Common tests that can aid in the diagnosis and management of ocular conditions in primary eye care include dry eye tests such as Schirmer test, tear break-up time and fluorescein corneal examination. Others include air puff tonometry, ocular fundus photography, optical coherence tomography (OCT) and visual field examination. Dr Au Eong used cases studies to illustrate the utility of these tests in practice and emphasized the importance of regular eye examinations for early diagnosis and treatment of eye conditions.

Dr Au Eong also covered the signs, symptoms and management of relatively common retinal conditions such as epiretinal membrane, macular hole, central serous retinopathy, cystoid macular oedema and retinitis pigmentosa.